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1. Looking for hard sex. Want a knows what he wants man &#[#]; I íll be your b0tt0m all night. I ím good looking so I ím told. Iove to wear my garter belt and thigh highs. Wife recommends I try a black man because I want size were it matters, it ís important. Will travel some for the right man. Hit me up.
Age: 48 | seeks gay Man dating in East Of Abilene, Abilene, Texas (TX) USA

2. To have fun and enjoy life, no lies no strings. just to may people in this world any more that does not understand the value of life. I say and not for everyone just a statement, when you really care for someone, there should have never been a thought that there has ever been one lie told, cause you know that one your with cares for you to much to have ever done any of that :-)
Age: 38 | seeks gay Man dating in Columbus, Ohio (OH) USA

3. Friendly, outgoing, personable and sincere. Looking to communicate with and meet new interesting people. Originally from New York, I have lived in various cities & countries and fairly recently relocated to the Las Vegas area from Los Angeles. I would like to further explore and get to know this city better by sharing it with friends or that special someone. Open to meeting new people for fun, friendship, sharing interests, dating and possible long term relationship if the chemistry is right. I am comfortable in enjoying the full range of hole in the wall raw good times to piss-elegant affairs. Also creative, romantic, sensitive, passionate and have diverse interests and depth. I am somewhat multicultural in my background, multilingual, and sophisticated but not a snob. Some of my creative interests include culinary arts & dining, dance (lately CW & Latin), photography, and theater. Current active Board member of NGRA (Nevada Gay Rodeo Association). Enjoy my work as a healthcare professional in management. I associate with a diverse group of people and am told that I am easy to open up to. Being an honest, open minded and caring individual is a big plus to me. Drop me a line and try my customized Date Quiz on RequestADate or if you see me out, ask me for a dance! (See my other profile on GayCowboyCentral.)
Age: 53 | seeks gay Man dating in Henderson, Las Vegas, Nevada (NV) USA

4. A hiv poz asian seeks a single masculine vers TOP, comfortably gay man for MONOGAMY. I am an extroverted, down to earth masculine Christian asian. HONESTY, OPEN COMMUNICATIONS, SINCERITY, NO PREJUDICES and FAMILY VALUES are highly desired as I hold them dearly. I expect the same from my eventual partner. He has minimal temperament and mood swings. Christian faith is GREATLY desirable. Sexually, I am not into pains/kinks/chems/drugs and the same is expected of him. I am willing to relocate and vice versa. Photo avail for exchange. If interested, pls write me.
Age: 58 | seeks gay Man dating in Asia, - , BRUNEI DARUSSALAM

5. I 'm a gay 36 year old boy. I 'm 5 '4 135 smooth and have brown hair and eyes I 'd like to meet an older man. I need a strict Dad type. If spanking and discipline do nothing for you then I too will do nothing for you. I love men over 40 who are smart funny loving affection and strict. I respond well to Dad 's belt brush or paddle. I need them applied hard and often to my bared b0tt0m Respond with a face picture or picture of what you [email] with. I 'm not interested in dick pics. We will get to that in time. I 'm not into Sexting. I 'm for real. Are you?
Age: 39 | seeks gay Man dating in Fort Myers, Ft Myers Naples, Florida (FL) USA

6. Hi I am Hyat khan a 25 year old Mumbai male *sc0rt at your Service; I am a professional bisexual male *sc0rt or gay *sc0rt or straight male *sc0rt with a great personality who will surely make your time with me fun and packed with entertainment when we meet. I am an elite companion available in Mumbai India. If you desire a stimulating encounter with a refined, intelligent, gorgeous *sc0rt or gentleman, then look no further...you have found him. Basically, I 'm classy *sc0rt and brainy and a bit of a sex fiend. Perhaps you are too? Fun, Discrete, Clean and to match a good sense of humor. :) I am here to enjoy each other's company along with being able to provide you with pleasures you may be craving. My services are 100 % genuine, feel free to contact me via Mobile to book in a convenient time, or you are also more than welcome to email me your requests. Mobile: 91[#]82345 or[#][#]345 Bisexual Male *sc0rt Service, male to male *sc0rt male to Females *sc0rt & *sc0rt for Couples (M/F, F/F, M/M) Private Calls Social Outings Corporate Events Dinners, Clubbing, Massage, Foot Rubs, finesse, confidentiality, exclusive quality & integrity Warm, SAFE, non judgmental, and friendly Happy to meet either in call or outcall in hotel room 5 '11, fair, athletic built, versatile top Review all info and pictures http://hyatkhan [email]
Age: 27 | seeks gay Man dating in Goegaon East, Mumbai, Maharashtra INDIA

Age: 29 | seeks gay Man dating in Dubai, Dubai UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

8. i am full b0tt0m and i love big c0cks . i am cross dress and love [email] me in bed like a woman . i want try any thing in sex and have good time with strong men . i like group sex with strong men and i need [email] fvck!ng and fun all over night . i can take big and thick c0ck 7-8-9 inches tools . i like hard fvck
Age: 36 | seeks gay Man dating in Center, Dubai, Dubai UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

9. Sexy men for FuN!!! and Great SEX!!!
Age: 44 | seeks gay Man dating in All Over, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco MEXICO

10. am Chinese slim smooth boy living in shanghai at the moment. looking for hairy mature white guy to take me. Email me with your sexy pics. you would be my first top. [email]
Age: 29 | seeks gay Man dating in Shanghai, CHINA

11. I'm bisexual, but looking to hook-up with men, not so much interested in actual dates. I guarantee you won 't be disappointed.
Age: 23 | seeks gay Man dating in South Side, Atlanta, Georgia (GA) USA

12. Sincere, warm, jolly, smart, confident, reliable & passionate for friendship or serious relationship with marriage potential Hi, I 'm Trent. I should explain that I am not looking for a long-distance relationship, though I think we can get to know each other at first that way. No matter where I find my soul-mate, I want to live with you and share our lives together. I hope I will be staying in the Philippines for several weeks this summer. If you send me a message, I can send you my contact information so we can email, chat in YM or talk on the phone. I am very curious person, honest, interested in many things, science, politics, human nature, I love to read books about engineering and the story of how challenges were overcome. I love music and play the piano, compose songs sometimes, enjoy outdoor explorations, making things. I want a marriage that is not cut off from the rest of the world, or from friends and family . . . I like to be ourselves wherever we go, just be open and free and friendly with everyone, not hide away by ourselves (only sometimes, hehe). I should say that I am not religious; I believe the bible was written by men for different reasons, some sincere, some with ulterior motives. I also think religion does more harm than good in the world. I don 't expect you to have the same views, of course, as long as we can talk about something so important to the meaning of life. Only thing I 'm wary of is when somebody 's beliefs are insensible to reason and experience. As long as you use your own mind and sense of right and wrong, and you 're curious to explore and understand, that 's all I want, so we can share the most meaningful things together. The most important thing is that both people can rely on the other to be as honest and caring in their actions as he would long for the other to be towards him. I would be interested in meeting someone like I really enjoy people with an affectionate or mischievous sense of humor. I want to share a mutual deep comfort and trust with a person. If you 're honest, warm, genuine, curious about life, intelligent, and have a good heart, maybe we 'll like each other a lot. I understand some cannot afford to make international calls, but whatever you can do to make our communication work in the beginning counts for a lot with me. Both of us have to take care for the fledgling seedling of our early connection. All these things, and emotional openness (I know it can take time to open up, of course) are some of the things I think about, but it 's impossible to say in advance because everybody is different and you can 't always imagine who you will love until you discover them. I think I would like someone who thinks of adopting children, or who is open to the idea, even though I 'm not sure about this yet. So if you think maybe you will like me, I hope you will give a chance I will like you too, even if I didn 't think of the individual things about you. Personally I think we give the best chance to discover each other if we leave a lot of sex talk or flirting for later when we know each other as full human beings better (if, from time to time, we can 't help ourselves from expressing those feelings a little, that 's natural and ok, too, of course, hehe, just shouldn 't be too much too soon). If we both feel relaxed, good, warm and trusting, have a lively interest in each other, and become close by just talking with each other, then that can be a foundation to build all the other good things. In romance I am nurturing and affectionate, playful, emotionally open and intimate, confident, very passionate when we share something intensely, and I am versatile, but I am more towards being a top -- but I also think those things are unique and newly created as two people discover each other. We can explore and do anything as sweet, or as wild and purely h0rny as we want! I hope you send me a message or let me know your interest.
Age: 53 | seeks gay Man dating in Bronzeville, Chicago, Illinois (IL) USA

13. looking for top gay men - black hair is a plus.
Age: 46 | seeks gay Man dating in Bonn, Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia GERMANY

14. I've never had a type, being attracted to all kinds of ages, sizes, ethnicities. I'm either really open-minded or I was just a slut. I was rail-thin my whole life until some medications slowed down my metabolism and I gained 75 pounds in a short period of time. I didn't accept it and pretty much retired from the world. I'm used to my chubby self now though, and I'm ready to to meet a nice gay guy for some meals out, exploring the city, dating, whatever. The bear movement totally passed me by; anyone want to help introduce me to it?
Age: 60 | seeks gay Man dating in Wahington Heights Manhattan, New York City, New York (NY) USA

15. I`m a civil servant, educated, and a gentleman. I seek a date and desire companionship. This is not the same as a one night stand, sex games, hook-ups, etc. Looking for ddf men for dating. 38-56, I like masculine hwp guys who take care of themselves and are handsome. My interests are: art, asian, Australian, bald, blue collar, Brazilian, business, caribbean, Chilean, christian, collegiate, Costa Rican, cowboy, Cuban, Czech, dating, Dubai, european, farmer, France, friend, German, Italian, jewish, jock, latino, massage, military, millionaire, movies, muscle, Peru, preppy, Puerto Rico, rancher, short gays, smooth, sobriety, Spain, spanish, technology, United Kingdom and/or white collar. Are you interesting? Have a sense of humor? Like movies? Road trips? Nature? If so, let me know. Thanks.
Age: 60 | seeks gay Man dating in Oaklawn, Dallas, Texas (TX) USA

16. Looking for confident, down to earth men who are into exploring their sexuality and that of their partner, men who understand that the brain is as important in sex as the body, men who can hold an intelligent conversation after they fvck their brains out. Absolutely NOT into men with large ego's who need constant stroking, men whose lives are spent in the gym when they should be working on their personality, or anyone over 30 who considers himself a boy. NO cologne, NO tweakers, NO circuit party boyz. I enjoy just about all sex scenes. . . whatever turns my partner on. . . . deep throating, getting fucked, deep kissing, leather, [email] play, , nipple play, l!ck!ng man smells, man tastes, outdoors . . . . have other fotos to trade too
Age: 64 | seeks gay Man dating in Munich, Bavaria GERMANY

17. I like a mature man at any age for their down to earth sincere nature...They are grounded individuals...I like mature men who read and philosophize about life and art...a man with roots in the land and stamina in his dreams...a romantic with vision...a realistic visionary who can create with his hands...I want a man with compassion for others...a zeal for learning...honesty...with self and others...I want to build a life with someone...to me maturity is not an age...i have met 25 year old men wise beyond their years...so my quest is about the character of a man that i may share my life with.
Age: 58 | seeks gay Man dating in Old Town, Albuquerque, New Mexico (NM) USA

18. Love to date men...
Age: 33 | seeks gay Man dating in 19 Ave N Dunlap, Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) USA

19. blue jean an boot hot men.. who are man to man kinda guys
Age: 53 | seeks gay Man dating in Paisley, Orlando, Florida (FL) USA

Age: 33 | seeks gay Man dating in Mid -sharjah, Sharjah, Sharjah UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

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