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1. lkng4 one man 100% top and dom and that like to be attended and served, cared, loved like a husband
Age: 38 | seeks gay Man dating in Puebla, Puebla MEXICO

2. Bisex b0tt0m man in Dubai looking for good time and sex.
Age: 45 | seeks gay Man dating in Any, Dubai, Dubai UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

3. I like to play with and have many common bonds and interests with gay people.
Age: 29 | seeks gay Man dating in North Or Any, Idaho Falls, Idaho (ID) USA

4. I am looking for a real man that wants a LTR that is solid and good and worth each day we greet together. I seek passion partnership play and adventure....I just retired early and am ready to play and live like never before!!!!
Age: 53 | seeks gay Man dating in Sacramento, California (CA) USA

5. Looking for hard sex. Want a knows what he wants man &#[#]; I ’ll be your b0tt0m all night. I ’m good looking so I ’m told. Iove to wear my garter belt and thigh highs. Wife recommends I try a black man because I want size were it matters, it ’s important. Will travel some for the right man. Hit me up.
Age: 48 | seeks gay Man dating in East Of Abilene, Abilene, Texas (TX) USA

6. I am looking for a nice man to share my life with and to live openly and proud as a gay man.
Age: 28 | seeks gay Man dating in Sunyani, Sunyani, Brong Ahafo GHANA

7. I Would like to meet a masculine gay man who is interested in dating and pursuing a LTR.
Age: 43 | seeks gay Man dating in Victoria, Rural Area, Texas (TX) USA

8. My self-summary I am just a man who grew up when you could not be gay. Well, I am gay, and so I have no instructions to follow. I am doing the best I can. I am limited physically but I love travel and new things and movies and dining and cruises and just having a good time at museums and other events. I want to share all my happiness and my life with you!!! “My best friend and Lover!” What I'm doing with my life I am the happiest I have ever been as well as the most free to spend time doing things I love. I seek a best friend to share my life and my happiness here in Paradise. I am running a little program here, to help the homeless, the poor, the sick and the suffering. It will never solve the world 's problems, not even in Paradise; but It is better to light one candle then to curse the darkness! Do you not agree? I am able to pay all my own bills and I would hope to find a Long Term Relationship (LTR) / lover / partner / spouse, with someone else who can also pay all their own bills. If we UNITE then we can divide expenses as necessary and as life progresses. I am not a “Sugar Daddy”. You understand, yes? I was forced to retire because of some health issues - no secrets, I have some difficulties walking long distances. If you can accept my limitations, I know I can make you happy! We all have challenges to deal with in life. These are not DEAD ENDS but rather OPPORTUNITIES for us to continue to live and love and enjoy all and everyone and everything to the fullest, despite what every obstacle we face. Agreed? So tell me about you and ask whatever you wish about me. IF YOU ARE TRULY INTERESTED IN ME... Please: (a) email me at [email] and (b Send me your life story and (c) Your dreams for the future. Please also (d) Include many Photos of yourself, including nude photos. I will love learning more about you and seeing all of you. I hope and pray, we will be a perfect match and come to live together and happily ever after!!! Blessings, Hugs, Love to You, D ónal Living in Paradise, Puerto Rico, USA
Age: 51 | seeks gay Man dating in El Yunque Rainforest, Rio Grande, PR (PR) Rio Grande PUERTO RICO

9. I like all kinds of sex and up to many different kinds. Like feet svck!ng or [email] sex, or [email] sex in the bvtt or ball svck!ng or kissing or touching and holding each other or just raw and pound-pound-pound sex or being tied up. All different and types of fetishes you have I want to try! And be there with you! I could spend hours talking about my dreams but that is why you and I will talk more. I do like to get to know each other first and make sure we both feel safe and aren 't going into trouble. I am NOT into drugs, or drink beer or smoke anything like that. Totally clean and I do not want you to get me into that dirty side of life. Just a meeting or two then we go to the next step....Being respectful, patient and listening to what you have to say is important to me. Will listen to what you like and we can live our your sexual fantasies too. As far the type of guy: I do not care what you look like, how much weight or what part of the world you are from. I just care that you and I both get along. That is why I am an easy-going, fun loving person. With both of us feeling good about each other. I would do many things that I never even tried in a sexual sense. Thank you for reading!
Age: 36 | seeks gay Man dating in Medford, USA

10. I have always lived in a man's world and enjoy what we give each other. I admire the cowboy's creed of Friendship, Loyalty, and Honesty. This is what I have to give. No B.S. My ideal person is one who likes to do more or less the things I enjoy. I enjoy friends, socializing, and intimate encounters. Hiking, traveling, museum, concert, or just watching a movie is a plus. I don 't consider myself a top or a b0tt0m in fact bvtt sex is not my thing. I get my biggest pleasure when my partner gives me his all and visa verse. Leather is fun but not a must. I love jeans, hence the name (Wranglerlevi)
Age: 74 | seeks gay Man dating in Albany, New York (NY) USA

11. Would like to find a man who likes a date one of my favorite quotes is...One of these days someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else... Though I am single, these are things that I treasure the most: Feeling my partner's presence no matter where he is in our home Waking through the night and feeling him there beside me Waking in the morning and seeing him there Slippers beside the bed or the door Robes, coffee and the paper over Saturday and Sunday breakfast Seeing socks, t-shirts and underwear lying around that aren't mine Watching him shave A partners scent on me, in his clothes or our bed The spontaneity of making love without uttering a word The hair on his body brushing against me, setting me on fire Communicating without uttering a word the heat and romance of eye to eye gazes, touch, long soft kisses, whispering in his ear Watching him think or work on something His look when he wears reading glasses Holding his hand His smile that only I get Feeling me heart leap when my partner walked into the room Feeding him and packing his lunch Surprising him with gifts and flowers, silly or serious A man with a spine that can be honest even when it hurts, and Trust, though I haven't experienced much of that yet. I know it is coming in the next partner Saying or hearing I Love You and being able to believe it Hey guys thought I would update my profile and see if it catches any ones attention. My experience on this site has been interesting to say the least. I tend to be more of a nester not much of a scenester tend to like to hang outside, love day trips and anything to do with the ocean. Not much of a drinker and actually pretty vanilla, my private pic may suggest something different but it is just a cool picture of me. DO NOT BELIEVE IN PARALLEL DATING IF IT COMES TO THAT. Be well
Age: 42 | seeks gay Man dating in San Francisco, California (CA) USA

12. Friendly, outgoing, personable and sincere. Looking to communicate with and meet new interesting people. Originally from New York, I have lived in various cities & countries and fairly recently relocated to the Las Vegas area from Los Angeles. I would like to further explore and get to know this city better by sharing it with friends or that special someone. Open to meeting new people for fun, friendship, sharing interests, dating and possible long term relationship if the chemistry is right. I am comfortable in enjoying the full range of hole in the wall raw good times to piss-elegant affairs. Also creative, romantic, sensitive, passionate and have diverse interests and depth. I am somewhat multicultural in my background, multilingual, and sophisticated but not a snob. Some of my creative interests include culinary arts & dining, dance (lately CW & Latin), photography, and theater. Current active Board member of NGRA (Nevada Gay Rodeo Association). Enjoy my work as a healthcare professional in management. I associate with a diverse group of people and am told that I am easy to open up to. Being an honest, open minded and caring individual is a big plus to me. Drop me a line and try my customized Date Quiz on RequestADate or if you see me out, ask me for a dance! (See my other profile on GayCowboyCentral.)
Age: 53 | seeks gay Man dating in Henderson, Las Vegas, Nevada (NV) USA

13. A hiv poz asian seeks a single masculine vers TOP, comfortably gay man for MONOGAMY. I am an extroverted, down to earth masculine Christian asian. HONESTY, OPEN COMMUNICATIONS, SINCERITY, NO PREJUDICES and FAMILY VALUES are highly desired as I hold them dearly. I expect the same from my eventual partner. He has minimal temperament and mood swings. Christian faith is GREATLY desirable. Sexually, I am not into pains/kinks/chems/drugs and the same is expected of him. I am willing to relocate and vice versa. Photo avail for exchange. If interested, pls write me.
Age: 58 | seeks gay Man dating in Asia, - , BRUNEI DARUSSALAM

14. I 'm looking for a mature man who can help me and doesn 't mind to long travel to visit me.
Age: 22 | seeks gay Man dating in Cumaral, Villavicencio, Meta COLOMBIA

15. an INTELLIGENT, clever, genuine in relationships and peaceful guy!, who likes to have fun, no drama. my Email: [email]
Age: 30 | seeks gay Man dating in Zapopan, Jalisco MEXICO

16. Hi i am looking for a manogamous relationship, someone that is loyal, trustworthy and honest and would like to live with me in Darwin Australia. A guy who likes to travel and to share my life with me.
Age: 60 | seeks gay Man dating in Millner, Darwin, Australia AUSTRALIA

17. Welcome to Thailand : I am working as a private fitness trainer and *sc0rt in Thailand and I enjoy my job very much because I love to meet people. Being myself I would like to give my knowledge in my career and my *sc0rt job to my guests. I always try to do my best for all of them. It is just that sometimes you really want to do something special, that 's why I try to introduce myself in the website. I am 35years / 175cm / 73kg, Fitness &Health instructor, good looking, well educated and sincere with sporty swimmer body, straight-acting, confident with a lot sense of humor plus an air of boyish innocence and talent for sport activity. I do speak fluently English and great personality. It does not matter how old you are, how long you are in Thailand or how many Thai words you can say. All what you need is an inspiration to communicate with Thai people. Anyway the stating of you and me will bring us to the great relationship and I would love to know more people in my life. Anytime you need more further information about me-Jeff and my country-Thailand, please let me know. If there is anything I can do for you, and I will try my best. Very easy to contact me at Looking forward to hearing from you. With my warmest regards, Jeff.
Age: 36 | seeks gay Man dating in Bangkok, Bangkok, Bagnkok THAILAND

18. I 'd like to meet a well *nd0w*d bear-daddy or a REAL top-man because I prefer the view from the bottom! I am 6 foot tall 265 lbs and solid. So I am looking for someone who doesn 't mind I have some meat on my bones, but this is NOT about my size ... it 's about your stamina! I am also looking for someone to love me long time... I want to have to beg you Sir to stop and then I want some more, and since I have not found anyone out the yet that is man to get the job done I am considering looking for a tag-team of two or three if necessary. Replies with a face pic. will get my undivided attention. Can host most weekdays before 4:00 pm
Age: 49 | seeks gay Man dating in Nky Newport Ky Downtown Cinc, Cincinnati, Ohio (OH) USA

19. I 'm a gay 36 year old boy. I 'm 5 '4 135 smooth and have brown hair and eyes I 'd like to meet an older man. I need a strict Dad type. If spanking and discipline do nothing for you then I too will do nothing for you. I love men over 40 who are smart funny loving affection and strict. I respond well to Dad 's belt brush or paddle. I need them applied hard and often to my bared b0tt0m Respond with a face picture or picture of what you [email] with. I 'm not interested in dick pics. We will get to that in time. I 'm not into Sexting. I 'm for real. Are you?
Age: 39 | seeks gay Man dating in Fort Myers, Ft Myers Naples, Florida (FL) USA

20. cool romantic nd masculine guy looking to meet new people for dating, friendship, chatting and maybe more.
Age: 25 | seeks gay Man dating in Los Angeles, California (CA) USA

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